School Time

Today we are gonna learn how to edit down a 30 minute audio clip into a 3-5 minute audiocast. Our vehicle is going to be Avid Express, which is used on PC’s and some Mac’s; if they have boot camp.


Make sure you have a good working space where you can focus. You are going to need headphones, an audio clip, a notebook and a pen.

Making Your Audio Cast

  1. You should listen to the full audio clip, and begin to jot down ideas, different directions, and bad segments that you do not like.
  2. After the pre-production stage, open Avid and import your audio clip by clicking on File, then scroll down to Import. Make sure you remember where your clip is saved. Click on your clip in the bin and drag and drop it into the Composer window

You do not need to know Avid backward and forward to produce an audio clip. All you need to know are a few basic commands and shortcuts.

On your keyboard:



K=Go Back

L=Go Forward

Home=Returns the blue bar to the beginning of clip


On the Interface:

Bin: The bin is your friend, it stores all your clips, subclips, titles, and the main sequence.

Composer: This window is diagonal from the bin and below the visual screens. This window is where you do all your work and its where your wave forms are stored. Also on the Composer window is where you will find Lift, Extract, Mark buttons, and the Subclip button.

Always remember the LIFT key designated with a strong man leaves a hole or gap in your audio clip. The Extract key designated with scissors removes the marked pieces and fills the hole.

Another handy editing tip is the subclip button. Using the mark buttons, you can block out parts you like or do not like and then store them in the bin.
Some Advanced Tips from a Beginner:

You can add tracks and a title into your audio clip if you want to get fancy.

Under the clip menu you will see options to add more visual and audio tracks and a title.

The Title

Click new title and a screen will pop up. Click in it and type in your title. Play with fonts, sizing, colors, and shadowing. When you are done, save your title using the shortcut, so that it gets added to the bin. After that, just insert the title into the main sequence and if you want you can mark a certain time for your title.

More Audio

After you add another audio track, you can import music or backround effects to the main audio. Once your audio is added to the bin, just insert the clips into the main sequence.

More Visual

After adding another visual track, you can import some visuals or stills if you have any to supplement your audio.

The Baby

Once you finish tinkering around, click the File menu (make sure the main sequence is highlighted) and scroll down to Export. Finally, save your audio file into your desired device. Now you can upload to Gcast or convert your file into a MP3 file, using Itunes for more versatile use.

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