One Stop Shop

I got all the best and the free applications to tickle your creative fancy

Multimedia Outlets
These sites are for expression and connection

Facebook It grew on me after awhile, but its great for keeping up with new and old friends.

Myspace The facebook for your middle school/high school sibling. Childish, I know, but its a great place to flex your code muscles and play with your creativity.

Blogger Its free, but if you blog for real you can make some paper. Can anybody say, “Sidehustle!”

The Media Fix
These sites provide access to music and videos that you do not see on tv or hear on the radio. So, if your looking for neighborhood fights, Beyonce’s tumble, or the newest mixtape freestyles, then these should be bookmarked or favorited immediately…

Youtube for the visually entertained

Imeem The new cuts and your favorite oldies all on one playlist.

Creative Construction
Do not spend a dime on editing software, everything you need is here…

Photoshop Express This site is the intro to the big boy Photoshop. I would recommend this for a while if you are interested in Photoshop, but can’t afford the software.

Photobucket I am biased, it is the only photo website I reccommend. Point. Blank. Period. You can upload your pics and look up others to adorn your blog or website. There also editing tools too.

Create Blog You can find layouts for Myspace, Friendster, Hi5 or for your blog. It also has codes and tutorials too, if you are the lazy type. If you design layouts, you can upload those too.


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