“Can’t Live Without My Radio….”

Its darn near impossible to think about life without my everyday technologies. Without them my life would still go on, but it would be annoying, inconvient, boring, simple, dark, disconnected etc. I hate to say it, but I can’t live without….

The Blackberry

PhotobucketThis is basically the center of my universe and I love it. I will argue for the Blackberry viligantly and passionately. It has every form of media on a handy device without the flipping and the flash. The Blackberry is substance with style and nothing unnecessary. I have all the cell phone basics along with multiple email accounts on one device, internet access, a back up MP3 player, ingenious applications such as tasks, calender, and a password keeper. I also have a free messaging alternative which is Blackberry Messenger for all my fellow Crackberries. Also, do not forget the addictive Brickbreaker, people talk smack about my blackberry everyday, but they can never get enough of the game. All of this is in a sleek, professional looking device; I am a Crackberry till I die.

The Sansa
Not as recognizable as the Ipod or the Zune, but for my first MP3 player its done its job as far as providing endless musical enjoyment, radio, which an Ipod does not provide, video, and slideshows. After awhile, the software caught the bugs which are still effecting my Sansa to this day i.e. freezing and MP3 errors. Nonetheless, the Sansa is an all around good MP3 player for beginning multimedia fiends and I am sure the newer models have much better software.

The Kodak
My first semi-big electronic purchase, though it is nothing major nor on the professional level it is a start. My sleek, bright red Kodak is more than looks, it can take a darn good picture. The Kodak also has panorama settings, which is dope and you can do basic editing on the device. My Kodak is very sentimental to me, I got it during the last months of my senior year, so it has been used to capture memories from then up until the first semester at Temple and in Philly. I must say it has done its job well.

The Apple Macbook
This is a must have for anybody aspiring to be in the media industry and I mean anybody…even the secretary. The only complaint I have for Apple is the price, but for a laptop such as the Macbook or Macbook Pro it is worth it.

Satellite Radio

Where would I be without my radio? One of the newest sensations in technology today, the satellite radio picks up where traditional radio leaves off. More diverse shows, with less restrictions equals more ideas and more music. No commercials, No commercial music, No commercial ideas; nontraditional radio is a blessing. I recommend XM, but SIRIUS does the job too.


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