Who’s Solfresh?

Under the psuedonym Solfresh, my name is Alexandria or Alex. Im from Virginia, 757, South Hampton Roads, or the Seven Cities whatever you prefer. Presently and hopefully into the future, I am attending Temple University in Philadelphia, PA. I am a Broadcasting, Telecommunications, and Mass Media major with a concentration in Media Production and Performance. I am definitely not quite sure what I want to do with my major yet, but it will definitely have my own twist to it. Besides technology, my life revolves around writing, photography, computers, and music, so I am guessing that my career will derive from one or a combination of those interests.
I do not really consider myself the blogging type. I have a difficult time not gossiping in person (I am human), so I don’t think a gossip blog would be productive. I don’t consider myself a connoisseur of the things I love, hey I just love them. If anything this first year at Temple University I have considered myself a producer. This blog was made for class, and I have decided to keep it going. I want to share with everyone the things I have been creating, working on, or have been a part of; its only right. I see it as inspiration and motivation to keep producing and I am planning on doing just that.


“Baby, I am building and building strong…” -Yours Truly


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