Production Spotlight: Tyga, “Cali Love”

Personally, I am not a fan of Tyga, but I give props when props is due. Tyga’s newest and official single “Cali Love” gives just due to the sunshine state, California. He simultaneously questions the legendary status of West Coast Hip Hop, while bringing in his own Cali perspective. I love this song because it has the classic California vibe to it and of course because I am originally from California.

Also, another reason why this song gets spotlighted is the video. I just finished my first year as a media production major and I think the video was well done from the production perspective. Its simplicity is what made the video emotionally striking (which is one purpose of editing). The editing was gorgeous too; flawless cuts, super imposition (learn what this means at School Time), the close ups, and the lighting/coloring.

A highlight for me was the Tyga close up with the Hollywood sign in the background…(applauds) Beautiful!
Mad props to the director Mickey Finnegan

I love this video, see for yourself in HD.

Last Tidbit: Check out his mixtape, “Outraged & Underaged”


~ by solfresh on May 15, 2009.

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