Canadian Connect

I guess hip hop is getting so bad that I’ve decided to head up north, way north to Canada. Recently, I have been dabbling in the Canadian Hip Hop scene, which is I must say something fresh. I am not a part of the Drake craze, but I give him just due. Kardinal Offishall is nice too…”Beautiful” by Akon is my song. Hey, there’s more:

I love DJ Lissamonet’s mixtapes…love ’em. I think within two weeks I have downloaded 4 or 5 of them. Lissamonet does not pigeon hole herself into one genre though. You can hear a little bit of everything in her mixtapes and the beautiful part is she blends it all together effortlessly. She’s known to break new artists and new songs, I give her props for that because most DJ’s shy away from that. DJ Lissamonet the go download a mixtape they’re free!!!

Thanks to Lissamonet, I found a new artist, Andreena Mill, under the radar and that’s how I like it. Formulas, mass appeal, and commercialization get redundant. I’m grown I just want music that’s real, expressive…and real. Andreena has a mixtape out now with DJ Lissamonet, which will be played all summer long. Even though the mixtape is a little heavy on the sorrow songs, the few upbeat, in love and loving what you do songs are just enough. Andreena can rap/sing/write, she can do her thing on someone else’s beat, but her originals are just as dope. I respect that balance.

I think Canada is where its at, dont you? If I haven’t changed your mind, enlighten yourself:
I recommend “Last Hope” Andreena Mill ft. Drake and Kardinal Offishall
DJ Lissamonet & Andreena Mill: Ready to Fly Mixtape
**Andreena Mill
**Kardinal Offishall
**DJ Lissamonet
Oh Ya!! Do not sleep on **Keshia Chante, she reps Canada too!


~ by solfresh on April 25, 2009.

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