Where’s Your Wallet?

Working Hard for No Money
Grad School or the Real World?
To some it may be early for me to be considering my plans after undergraduate school, but I think I am right on time. Normally, for my major which is communications, graduates usually take on an internship before graduation to increase probability of a job. However, some students are not too keen on the idea of working for no money. I do not mind an internship, I actually think an internship is the best thing one could do to make sure their chosen career is what they really want.

Another option after graduation, is grad school. Currently some students are opting for grad school because of the economy. I can see why ’08 or ’09 grads would consider grad school, but I know for me I might have a more favorable economy by the time I graduate in 2012.

Regardless of the economy, I think I would take the internship. Only because grad school for an out of state student is $837 per credit hour, so 12 credits would be $10,044. I would rather take my chances with gaining employment by working for free.


~ by solfresh on February 27, 2009.

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