Broad and Beyond: Pex Application

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Being a small girl from a small city in Virginia, I knew what I wanted from my college experience. From feeling at home on Liacouras Walk to travelling to Morocco through authentic cuisine, Temple University offered everything I envisioned of my college years.

I am Alex, a junior majoring in Advertising and taking any class that catches my interest. Attending Temple has allowed me to get involved in activities I’ve always wanted to do and unexpected projects that are nonetheless fun. My experience with Hoot Squad and W.H.I.P. Radio has kept me abreast of what Temple students want and enjoy. Being active on campus lets me show what Temple has to offer students whether it’s during Welcome Week or on my radio show.

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Naturally, I prefer to be in my comfort zone but Temple has too many opportunities and experiences that shouldn’t be passed up. Some of my favorite events at Temple are PhilaLive, a poetry event, the election of Barack Obama, First Fridays and Welcome Week.


Production Spotlight: Tyga, “Cali Love”

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Personally, I am not a fan of Tyga, but I give props when props is due. Tyga’s newest and official single “Cali Love” gives just due to the sunshine state, California. He simultaneously questions the legendary status of West Coast Hip Hop, while bringing in his own Cali perspective. I love this song because it has the classic California vibe to it and of course because I am originally from California.

Also, another reason why this song gets spotlighted is the video. I just finished my first year as a media production major and I think the video was well done from the production perspective. Its simplicity is what made the video emotionally striking (which is one purpose of editing). The editing was gorgeous too; flawless cuts, super imposition (learn what this means at School Time), the close ups, and the lighting/coloring.

A highlight for me was the Tyga close up with the Hollywood sign in the background…(applauds) Beautiful!
Mad props to the director Mickey Finnegan

I love this video, see for yourself in HD.

Last Tidbit: Check out his mixtape, “Outraged & Underaged”

Canadian Connect

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I guess hip hop is getting so bad that I’ve decided to head up north, way north to Canada. Recently, I have been dabbling in the Canadian Hip Hop scene, which is I must say something fresh. I am not a part of the Drake craze, but I give him just due. Kardinal Offishall is nice too…”Beautiful” by Akon is my song. Hey, there’s more:

I love DJ Lissamonet’s mixtapes…love ’em. I think within two weeks I have downloaded 4 or 5 of them. Lissamonet does not pigeon hole herself into one genre though. You can hear a little bit of everything in her mixtapes and the beautiful part is she blends it all together effortlessly. She’s known to break new artists and new songs, I give her props for that because most DJ’s shy away from that. DJ Lissamonet the go download a mixtape they’re free!!!

Thanks to Lissamonet, I found a new artist, Andreena Mill, under the radar and that’s how I like it. Formulas, mass appeal, and commercialization get redundant. I’m grown I just want music that’s real, expressive…and real. Andreena has a mixtape out now with DJ Lissamonet, which will be played all summer long. Even though the mixtape is a little heavy on the sorrow songs, the few upbeat, in love and loving what you do songs are just enough. Andreena can rap/sing/write, she can do her thing on someone else’s beat, but her originals are just as dope. I respect that balance.

I think Canada is where its at, dont you? If I haven’t changed your mind, enlighten yourself:
I recommend “Last Hope” Andreena Mill ft. Drake and Kardinal Offishall
DJ Lissamonet & Andreena Mill: Ready to Fly Mixtape
**Andreena Mill
**Kardinal Offishall
**DJ Lissamonet
Oh Ya!! Do not sleep on **Keshia Chante, she reps Canada too!

My Pen and Pad Goes Professional

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So, I’ve been waiting for this day for a long time now. I’ve always wanted to be published and here I am. My first article (definitely not the last) for my beloved, The Temple News. It definitely took me two interviews before I could get all the information my editor wanted, but I got it in the midst of the semester. I feel like its a promising way to end off a year and start the next. Oh, for next year I plan to write to my heart’s content and hop into a little design and web editing. Do not forget I am a producer.

Here she is. Thank You, Juliet Snowden.

You Don’t Know Us…yet

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What is better than the top…THE COME UP. The end result is always the best part of a struggle, a journey. But when you can sit back and think about the dues you paid, the mistakes, and the small victories, that’s a prize in itself. Folks, that is called a come up. Young people on the come up have what they want in mind, but also remember that there is a process to getting what they want and respecting it. THE COME UP is what makes the top soooo beautiful.

Keep your eyes open for THE COME UP

I Love This pt. 2

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Its been three months in the making…W.H.I.P.’S 10TH ANNUAL SPRING FASHION SHOW put together by Brown B. productions. Whew! Three months of planning, fall throughs, yelling, and confusion. On April 10th, 2009, at 7pm in Mitten Hall it all came together. I may not have been a major figga in the whole scheme of things, but the small role I did play, paid off.

Running around looking for hosts and artists, babysitting mics, making sure hosts knew what they were doing, and staying ahead of the show was my job description for the night. I don’t know if it has a name, but I did it and did it well. I hope I made my bosses proud

I’m a freshman, and I don’t have much to my name, but baby I’m building. Im building my name not on money, not on trash talk, not on impressions. My name will have dependence on it as well as determined, strong, and humble. I give my best to all and if I can’t I will tell you such and take it from there. I love what I do. I am falling in love with what I want to do and then some. I want more.

DVD post and photos coming soon…

fashion showfashion show 2

I Love This

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First major event of the spring ’09 semester…down. March 20th, 2009 7pm in the Student Center Underground. W.H.I.P. Temple’s Only Student Run Radio Station and Konnoisseur Creative Group presents Sock the Rapper LP Release Concert. A good show with good music by Temple’s own Sock the Rapper, Fese and Aime. Oh, and dont forget it was free. Mic-sitting and making sure the artists and hosts were backstage and on cue was my detail for the night. The show was good, packed, and hectic. Guess what though, I loved it. =]